About Us Diving Maui and Lanai



35 Years Diving Maui!

Small groups of 6 divers

Safety, Fun, Education

Guides are Instructors & Certified Naturalists.
Boat captains are divers too.

100% Bio-diesel boat,
Dive Shop Run on Solar Power

Maui Mooring Sponsorships & Installations,
Reef Clean-ups & Recycling




  • erik dive maui dive lanaiCapt. Erik
  • Capt-Raquel dive mauiCapt. Raquel
  • victoria dive maui dive lanaiCapt. Victoria
  • scuba dive mauiInstr. Harmony
  • Instr-Mike dive maui dive lanaiInstr. Mike
  • Instr-Noe dive maui dive lanaiInstr. Noe
  • Instr-JessicaInstr. Jessica
  • Instr-AshleyInstr. Ashley
  • Instr. Chris
  • Instr. Lauren


    scuba on maui JaceCaptain Instructor Jace

  • Instr-JulesInstr. Jules
  • MelanieReceptionist Melanie

Who is Extended Horizons…?

Diving Maui and Lanai CUSTOMER REVIEWS


We’ve been diving Maui and operating scuba charters to Lanai since 1983. We offer the highest quality dive trips that can be found departing from Maui’s west side. Our commitment is to creating an experience for divers that is safe, fun, interesting and first class. Our dive guides are trained in the local ocean ecology and have years of experience as scuba instructors.

Join our guides for tours that highlight marine behaviors. Any guide can point out obvious stuff like turtles, better guides actually know the names of fish, our guides also can interpret marine life behavior patterns. Their years of experience diving Maui and Lanai allow them to know where animals live, when they mate, and why they are acting unusually.

Extended Horizons Scuba talks about saving the reef and leads by example. To prevent anchor damage, Extended Horizons spearheaded the actual putting in of the first 14 moorings on Lanai in the late 90’s and continues to sponsor local NGO’s, working hard to make Maui a mooring friendly place. Additionally, Extended Horizons conducts semi-annual underwater reef clean-ups, so far we’ve removed over 400 lbs of marine debris off Maui County’s reefs this year 2018!

We are the ONLY commercial marine tour boat on West Maui running on 100% biodiesel. (Not the only dive boat- the only Commercial boat) Our commitment to run 100% is unique. While some businesses try to greenwash their image stating they run biodiesel, often this is just a small percentage blend. (Sometimes as little as 1%). Better yet, our biofuel is made locally in the State of Hawaii from recycled feedstocks by Pacific Biodiesel. It does cost slightly more than regular petrol diesel however it is much much much easier on the environment, reducing our carbon footprint (finprint?) by over 80% compared to petrol diesel.

With over 35 years in the scuba industry we rely heavily on repeat business & word of mouth.

Everyone says “We’re the best” however if you prefer an unbiased opinion, check out what others say about us by looking at reviewer sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor.

Please do call us for reservations! We will show you Maui & Lanai scuba diving with a quality difference such as: using large tanks (80’s) for all divers, making computers a standard part of our rental gear, and showing you the unusual and rare sites that Maui and Lanai have to offer.

You can read about moorings on Maui and Lanai and help with the effort. Make a donation earmarked for Lanai moorings or Maui moorings by a click to MALAMA KAI. Donation is tax deductible and will make a difference on Maui’s and Lanai’s reefs for scuba divers and snorkelers today… and in the future.