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The benefits of the Peak Performance Buoyancy class are: improved air consumption, increased stability and control underwater, and a whole new level of skill enabling you to get closer to the delicate marine life without harm to them or yourself.

During the class you will learn proper weighting, weight distribution, body positioning, breathing techniques, and the skills to adapt to inclement conditions.

This is a continuing education dive for divers who have already attained Open Water Diver rating, and may be applied toward the Advanced Open Water Course. A Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Certification is also available, call for inquiries.

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What you should know


approx. 4 hours

minimum age:



E.H. Shop in Lahaina (see map)


Students must provide their own transportation to and from our shop and dive sites.

medical forms:


cancelation policy:

48 hours

peak performance buoyancy

scuba classes

scuba student
scuba classes
scuba students
scuba class
scuba student