night diving

moral eel on maui - undulated moray

You gotta see this to believe it!  While the fish are hiding, the invertebrates are prowling. You see shells, lobsters, crabs, octopus, nudibranchs, and eels hunting! If you are a photographer, night time is when you can get REALLY close to your subject. Once you try night diving you may find day diving too tame!

This is a one tank shore dive, with guaranteed small group size. By yourself? No problem! We will accommodate as few as a single diver up to four divers. Offered nightly, this dive is easy to fit into your schedule.


Departure time varies.

Check-in is at our SHOP.

Nitrox is available upon request. All dives are guided tours, lead by CORA/Maui County permitted guides. Dive lights and all dive gear are included.

Check out the VIDEO -
Night Diving at Black Rock

squid on maui - oval squid
lobster on maui - hawaii banded spiny lobster
crabs on maui - sponge crab

night dives on maui