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Two Tank Lanai Diving Charters

The Cathedrals on Lanai is our most popular dive trip. This charter crosses the channel on a short 40 minute boat ride to the island of Lana’i. The Lana’i coastline is famous for it’s Cathedral Dives, swim-throughs, archways, and lava structures. We dive both First and Second Cathedral on a regular basis. Many divers agree that Lanai diving has the greatest diversity and marine life density which rivals all other diving locations in Hawaii.
On the crossing to Lanai it is not uncommon to see whales in season and dolphins all year around. Most diving is in the 50 to 75′ depth and our dive boat takes only 11 divers, making us the Lanai dive boat with the best guide to diver ratio (5:1 or 6:1).
There is so much to explore on Lanai, and so much to see, that many of our divers book Lanai for more than one day. Once you see how much Lanai has to offer: marine life, photo opportunities, lava structure and water clarity, you will want to return again and again.

This is a two tank boat trip. We do two dives, at two locations. There are over 40 dives sites to choose from, ranging from beautiful coral reefs, to unique lava tubes, making these dives the best of your vacation!



Departure time for Lanai Trip is 6:30am at

Nitrox 32% is available upon request. All dives are guided tours. We offer a continental breakfast in between dives, along with fruit juice and bottled water. Towels are not provided.

See a video clip : Lana‘i diving in 45 seconds

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